Repository Guideline
  Common issues and logics for repository!

Can I read E-Books on CPL Repository ? If yes how ?

Yes you can read E-Books on our Repository just like you read books in hard form. We have designed a User Friend easily to operate E-Book Reader which you can use to read allowed E-Books.

Reading most of the E-Books on our Repository is free but all you have to do is to register and voila.

Can I download E-Books ?

Yes, you can download E-Books that are allowed to be downloaded. For the books that are resitricted for download you can still request us if CPL Management decides to give you permission you can then download E-Books,

How can I give my Feedback?

We value your feedback which helps us to improve our services. To give your feedback you have to Navigate Contact Page and Fill the form with Feedback Option.

Can I search for Specific Book?

Yes, you can search in our Digital Repository by clicking Search Repository Here right on Top near the Logo.

To More specific search you can use our Advanced Search which gives you more control on Filternation of the Data.

Error Deleting Community

If you get Error while deleting Community or Sub-Community saying
Denied : you can not delete community or sub-community because it may have collections & submissions. 

It means the community you selected to delete may have items submitted and You may first have to move them to alternative community or backup them and delete all of the submission and collections before deleting.